My Son My Angel ^Kenny^
Thank You Saralyn ^Robbi Smiths^ Mom
The links here on this page will take you to pages first that have been created for my son ^Kenny^By other Moms who have lost child/children of their own...
Then to pages I have created for other Angels with the help of their Moms ...
It is my hope that each page brings some comfort to the parents, As I have been comforted when someone created  a "Tag" (like the one above and the candle below)in memory of my son, My Angel Kenny.
Thank You RoseMary ^Tonys^ Mom-Page6
OR when someone created a web page in memory of my son...
If you click on the candle above you will be brought to Rose Mary Colarusso's "Page 6" where she created a page for my son Kenny,if you click on Rose Marys name above you will go to her site in memory of her son Tony.
  Patricia Kusila also created two pages for My Son Kenny please click on these butterflys

to go see the Beautiful pages Pat created in memory of my son Kenny...
I knew nothing about web pages
and how to even begin trying to make one and I met this Wonderful lady
who lost TWO beautiful sons of her own
Matthew and Steven
Brothers Forever

Thank You So Very Much (((((Pat)))))
A Tribute To Kenny
Also Susie Dunn ^Jasons^Mom created a memorial wall and Kennys is on Page 19, Thank You so Much (((((Susie)))))
Well here are a few of the pages I have created for other Angels In Heaven...
Please click on a Butterfly
to go to each page/site
Please Visit Dorothy's Wonderful Web Site
I would like to add here that this Beautiful background set was specially created for me with Kennys picture by a WONDERFUL Friend (((((Dorothy)))))...
Dorothy has done So Much For So Many People,
I Care So Much For You My Dear Friend
I just can never show you how much
I Appreciate ALL that you have
done for me over the years.
I Met Dorothy online in December 1999.
Please visit her site to get to know this
Wonderful Woman.
Click below
Danny King is a 18 year old boy who live not to far from me
Gingers Angel, Her Son Scott
Rose's "Lil' Sugarplum" Stevie
Katie Jean~Jills Angel
Pat "BRATMUS" Sons Kevin & Kurt
Kevin & Kurt

(Always under
Our Angels In Heaven Memorial In Memory Of Kevin & Kurt
<This site is built in memory of Pat's 2 sons Kevin& Kurt...
It is set up so many children
can be remembered with
a picture of an Angel Child
or a "Tag" with their name and
dates written on it...
Some pictures/tags are attached to web sites of
"Our Angels In Heaven"
and when you "click" on the picture you will go to a site that parents have created to remember their Angels...
Please stop by to visit, And if you have
An Angel In Heaven You Might Want To have
Your Angel on one of the pages.
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In Loving Memory Of My Son
Kenneth Joseph Bowen Keogh
Something will remind me,
I never know just when...
It might be something someone says
And It All Comes Back Again...
The times we spent together,
The happiness,The fun...
Once again I feel the pain
Of life without my Son...
I've been told "times a healer"
I know this is Not True...
There's not a day that goes by
My Son,
That I don't cry for you...
"Never Deprive Someone Of Hope;
It Might Be All They Have"...
H.Jackson Brown Jr.
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This song "Everything I Own"
is being sung by Crystal Gayle...
I chose it because it says what I feel...
It is for your listening pleasure ONLY
Please buy her CD...
Thank You
Frank Jr.