~To My Brother Kenny,I Love You~
Written/Copyright 8~7~00
By Eileen Bowen Keogh
What Can I Do
But Make My Life A Tribute To You...
~In The Meantime~
Someday I will go to you,
And I know that you'll be waiting.
With me through crisis strong and true,
And with me celebrating.
I don't know just when it will be;
In the daytime or at night.
In which month life's doors will close on me,
When I will walk into the light.
I only know that when I go
To join you where you are,
My soul will sing,
My heart will grow,
To be with You in the stars.
In the meantime I will pray
That your being is filled with light.
That joy and blessings fill your days,
That peace gives you rest through the nights.
That you can spend time with those still here,
Yet return to your place so fair,
To be with those who you hold dear,
Who waited for you there.
I'll seize hold of my days that remain,
And make them worth my breath.
I will try not to dwell in despair and pain,
Or bring on my own death.
I will try to be what you want me to be,
I will be who I am.
I will try to appreciate those still with me,
And be as kind as I can.
I will try to avoid the mistakes I've made,
By learning,By looking,By seeing.
I will try not to always be afraid,
And be fair to all sentient beings.
I'll do all I can to show You my love,
To make You proud of me.
And to let you know,that though you are far above,
  You're in my heart,and always will be.
I Love You Kenny.
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A Portion Of  Kenny's Eulogy
At Saint Theresa's Church
Thursday August 12,1999 Was
Written And Said By Kenny's Sister
Eileen Bowen Keogh...
"One Of Kenny's Favorite Quotes Was From The Play, Les Miserables.
That Quote Was; "To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God".
Through Kenny, I, And Many Of Us Here Today, Saw The Face Of God.
Since He Was A Child,
Kenny Was Always Willing To Love,
To Forgive,To Be Kind To People.
He Saw The Beauty And Strength In People,
And He Often Showed People Those Qualities In Themselves.
He Possessed A Magnificent Courage,
And Yet Gentleness Of Spirit.
He Was Passionate And Sensitive
And Brilliant.
Kenny Touched My Life And,
Since The Day He Was Born,
Made It Brighter.
He Loved So Many Of Us;
He Was So Filled With Love,
He Could Never Run Out.
Kenny Showed Me God. I Thank Him And Love Him And Will Miss Him Forever...
I Miss You Kenny,I Love You!!!"
"Now cracks a noble heart -
Good~Night Sweet Prince,
And may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest !"
"Hamlet" by
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Kenny @ 6 Years Old
This IS my most favorite picture of Kenny when he was a little boy 
Kenny @ 8, His 1st Holy Communion
Here W/Our Uncle Kenny...
My Brother And Me
in Aug.1998
Also In Aug.1998
My Brother Kenny Near The End Of May or start of
June 1999,
One of our last picturs of Kenny
My Mother,Kenny N Me 5/98
Please View The Rest Of My Brothers Site, I Was So Very Lucky To Have Kenny In My Life,As You Read His story You Will Agree, Kenny Was A Great Person.
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And This Is Also Another Favorite Of Mine,Kenny was 2 years old here,To me he was the most beautiful little boy in the whole world.I Miss You Kenny 
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