Kenneth Joseph Bowen Keogh
January 23,1982 ~ August 7,1999
I'll remember you in winter
When snow falls on the ground
The beauty of this season
With love that did abound
I'll remember you in Spring time
When flowers break through ground
The beauty of this miracle
Such blessings to be found
When you were just a baby
How I held you tight
Gift of God's sweet beauty
Smiles you did ignite
The day that heaven sent you
Our hearts were so filled with glee
You brought us all such sunshine
Such precious memories
I'll remember you in Summer
When flowers are in bloom
When soft warm breezes take me
To memories resumed
The years flew by so quickly
You grew up so very fast
The joys within each season
With memories that will last
I'll remember you in Autumn
When the leaves are on the ground
Colors of such beauty
Within my heart are found
With every day and Season
You walk within my path
A mothers lonely journey
Within a looking glass
Each day of life remembered
Upon my heart so blest
Your time on earth remembered
With thankful love expressed
This my gift I give you
My Sweet angel we will share
That I may stand beside you
Your Mother's fervent prayer.
Thank You So Very Much
~Francine Pucillo~
For Dedicating this beautiful poem to my son
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