Godchild,Friend and Uncle
Again, I Thank You Susie
Thank You (((Susie))) ^Jasons^ Mom
Seven Years In Heaven
A week of years,
A Lifetime of tears...
January 23,1982~~~August 7,1999
The years now number seven,
Since you've left to go to heaven...
The pain of losing you is like no other,
And your sister is still lost
without her brother...
God must have blinked his eyes that night,
When He took you forever from our sight...
I  have often heard many cliches,
People think they need to say...
I know they are all wrong Tho',
It was NOT meant to be this way,
And God DOES SO give us more
then we can handle,
And NO time does NOT heal all wounds,
And let me not forget the coldest one as yet
Just the mention of the word
is utterly obsurd...
Seven years have passed
Since we saw you last,
I will forever wonder
how would you look today?
What would you be doing now
if God had let you stay?
You are 24 years old now,
I'm sure that you'de be tall and proud,
I hope everyone speaks your name out loud
And not in a whispered a hush,
I need to hear the name of my son
who I miss so much...
KENNY we still remember your
handsome face every day,
Your smile and your laugh and your wonderful way...
"No Farewell Words Were Spoken,
No Time To Say Good~Bye,
You Were Gone Before We Knew It,
And Only God Knows Why"...
"The Music In My Heart I Bore,
Long After It Was Heard No More"
"To Love Another Person Is To See
The Face Of God"
Les Miserables
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This picture was taken near the water at Pelhambay Park,(the last place Kenny was hanging out with his friends),by Kenny sister...
Notice the heart peeking through the clouds?
This picture has not been touched up in any way.
When I saw it I told my daughter that Kenny was with her for sure that day...
The picture below was also taken the same day... Notice the rainbow?
There  are a few other pictures I will be posting that my daughter took and I believe this is one of many ways like this that Our Loved ones come to visit us, ...
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