These are pictures of the Wall Kenny's Friends created right after August 7th 1999,10:52 pm...
The pictures are Very Special to me because it was from Kenny's Friends Heart & Love...You are All young Men & Woman now and I still remember how Wonderful All Of You Boys And Girls Were.
Thank You...

Where Kenny's friends created  his memorial wall was a candy store the kids called "Garbors"  which was there for years,
Garbors is no longer there (Closed arond 2002)...
Since Garbors closed there have been a number of stores that opened in that spot but none were successful and closed shortly after opening...Until now, A Rebublican Office is there now
and I think it will be there for awhile .

When Kenny was a little boy I always brought him with me to vote,There he learned How to vote...Well as time went by I let Kenny pick out one person that he to could cast "his"  vote for,
And it was ALWAYS A Republican...I know he would have registered as a republican when he reached 18.
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